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  1. Why we don’t do security installs (yet)

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    One of the earliest business mantras I learned at a young age is that “you can’t be all things to all people,” and is very true as it relates to the service industry.
    Not every hotel can have a world-class restaurant, golf course the best greens; hardware store sell tequila (unless you’re in Mexico!)
    The same goes for the painter that knows about carpentry, or the roofer who may be a decent mechanic – their chosen field will always be their specialty. And yes, there are many exceptions to this, but just about anyone can relate to the phrase,
                                                                                                  “jack of all trades, master of none.”

    The home a/v industry seems to be the inverse of this idea according to most of the testing/licensing organizations in North America. HVAC installers are expected to have a working knowledge of running security cabling for cameras, network specialists should be able to wire a room for sound and so on.

    You don’t call a plumber when you need electrical work done…
    While we believe this idea makes sense since it is all in the low voltage family,we hold a stronger belief that an installer may sometimes wear too many hats.
    Think of it this way: a homeowner should have a good rudimentary knowledge on how to fix a leaky faucet, or build a deck, fix a light switch; if not they should at least know how it works so they can call in a professional to do one of the mentioned tasks.
    So an electrician shows up to fix that light switch, and while he/she is there offers to fix the leaky faucet.
    ”Great,” thinks the home owner, “I can save a ton of time and money by having one person do it!” Right?
    Fast forward two years, and the same leak shows up again, but this time it comes with another plumbing problem. Would you call the electrician back to fix it again, or would you call a plumber?
    Better question is: who should have been called in the first place?

    …so why would a security installer care about mounting televisions?

    We focus on networked and solid-state audio and video – get your music and movies through your wireless internet or hardware like a bluray player. That is a simple sentence that is trying to sum up something that is vast and always changing.
    On some weeks, the amount of research and field-testing we have to do takes up all of our spare time between jobs, and that may involve learning about one new product on the market. New products/services are being released every day!

    Can we come and wire your new business space for Ethernet, phone, television, thermostat, security cameras, POS, wireless and advertising display media? Of course we can and we work pretty fast.
    We can do the same thing for your home, cottage, condo, office, boat house, pool house, bar whatever.
    Our raison d’etre is Audio and Video for entertainment. We know plenty of accomplished, professional security installers and providers that do great work and love their jobs.

    Tiny Tech and ECIS employees wear quite a few hats right now, in the future we may have space to wear a few more. We love what we do, and we want to do the best job possible.